Uveitis is inflammation inside the eye; it is a serious, often painful and potentially blinding condition. It may even be the first sign of a serious illness. The affected eyes are often cloudy, red, and squinting with the patients usually showing signs of discomfort. Uveitis has many possible causes including trauma, infections, tumours, cataracts and immune disorders. When both eyes are affected, the uveitis is usually related to more serious internal illness. Uveitis may also cause secondary glaucoma (increased pressure inside the eye).

Accurate and prompt diagnosis and treatment gives the best chance of controlling the uveitis and maintaining vision. Should you feel you pet has uveitis, seek urgent veterinary attention. Long term medical therapy is often required for control.

Horses tend to develop a recurring form of uveitis (has numerous names including moon blindness, equine recurrent uveitis). The inflammation tends to recur and not completely resolve with usual therapy – life long treatment is often needed to maintain control and vision.