Corneal Ulcers

The cornea is the clear front window of the eye, which is susceptible to various traumas and irritations which commonly cause erosions or ulcers of its surface. These defects may be simple and heal rapidly, or may have underlying problems such as infection, in growing eyelashes or abnormal eyelids, that can delay healing or cause the ulcer to deteriorate (the eye may even rupture).

Corneal ulcers are usually diagnosed by your veterinarian using a special yellow/green stain called fluorescein. This stain marks the area of ulceration and is also used to monitor healing.

Simple ulcers may be treated with basic cleansing and topical antibiotic medications, however as the ulcers become more serious, medications become more intensive and surgery may need to be used to support the cornea to allow healing. Surgery may include simple procedures such as partially closing the eyelids, to advanced corneal grafting.