Traumas - foreign body and corneal lacerations

The eye is relatively superficial and frequently sustains trauma and foreign body injuries. These are commonly referred to the Auckland Animal Eye Centre for assessment and treatment.

Foreign bodies often include grass seeds / awns being caught behind the third eyelid, small grass seed husk halves sucking on the cornea, and various plant thorns into the eye. A surprisingly large number of these patients can be treated in the consult room, with only a few needing to be admitted for surgery.

Corneal lacerations are a common injury for the eye to sustain, particularly associated with a cat’s claw. The injuries may vary vastly in severity, with more minor lesions only needing supportive medical treatment or corneal suturing. More severe lesions may include damage inside the eye with the iris being prolapsed through the laceration, and the lens capsule may be ruptured. Prompt specialist surgery and equipment with intensive medical therapy is often needed for a successful outcome with these more major lesions.